Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow review

Cover for Destiny Quest #1 - The Legion of Shadow

I talked about gamebooks a few months back here, and mentioned the title Destiny Quest by Michael J. Ward. I’ve been slowly making my way through the adventure, and I’m finally ready for a verdict on this book’s Plot & Gameplay. So, what is it? Read on!

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Making an eBook for iOS

Update at the end of the post!

On #MyWANA the other day, I mentioned that I put my draft of my WIP on my iPod. There was some interest in that, so I thought I’d give you some ideas on how you can do that. I’m saying up front that this is more of a technical article, akin to Patrick Thunstrom’s TweetDeck series (check them out if you want to use that program at all, good stuff). You’ll need to be somewhat familiar with your computer and its programs. In short, there are 2 ways: the easy, and the not as easy way. So, if you want to take the plunge, read on!

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Chapters 12-17

So, I’m not going to continue this way… Next time, I’m just going to do a review of the book instead of chapter by chapter. Oi, this is a lot of work.

The next book on my list is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. This is a massive tome coming in at just over 1000 pages. It’s going to take a while. Now, onto the review!

Chapter 12

So, Hagrid let slip the name Nicolas Flamel, and now our three heroes are digging around for it, and having no luck. My one question, mainly because my mother is a librarian. Why not ask the librarian? Or what about a card catalog? This is 1991 (give or take), right? How is it that the real world is so much more advanced?

We do see that Ron is a great chess player. Although, that never comes up after this book. Is he a good strategist then?

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