Life & Writing

I wanted to do a quick update. Life has been really busy the last month. My family moved to a new house in a new city a month ago. Toss into that helping care for my wife’s grandmother and cleaning her house (the one we moved into) so we can fit our stuff as well. Because of that, I’ve had a lot of traveling for work, as well as packing and unpacking.

Moving into a new place has really thrown off my routine. It’s something I am re-learning. New place, a new person in the house and many more distractions make for a great challenge.

I really have had too many of these types of posts. I am not proud of that. But as writing is not something I do full-time, I have to make time for it. And there are times when other things need to take precedence.

All that being said, I am working on some writing tonight after I cool off a little. This heat wave has hit hard, and we’ve got no AC anymore. Something to get used to, I guess.

The Tale is not done. In fact, it is just getting good.