VYA Parts 1-8 Recap

So, I made an error in saying I’ll post the next part Oct 1. My family moved last weekend, and I didn’t plan on the unboxing process when I was plotting my writing schedule. So, I am putting it off another week. Sorry about that. As Part 9 is close, and it’s been a while since I posted an entry, I thought a recap of the events of Parts 1 through 8 would be good. Enjoy!

The former Ranger Bardulf Sylvani has been tasked by Lord Alain Belmont to discover what happened to an expedition he funded. Five years prior, it set out from Belmont Acres to search for clues to the lost kingdoms of the Wilds. During the meeting, a large sentient winged serpent attacked and poisoned Lord Belmont. The creature vowed revenge against Bardulf for blinding it in one eye. In turn, Bardulf has pledged to bring back the poison glands from the serpent to cure Lord Alain.

As he traveled, Bardulf assisted a former teacher, the elf Malic. They barely escaped a trap left for them by someone who could be another former Ranger. Clues hint that this person may also be the winged serpent that attacked Lord Belmont. Malic mentioned that he would like to restore the Rangers, and Bardulf promised to return after he was done to help.

Bardulf finally arrived in the village of Ruelinthal’s Edge early in the night. He stabled his horse, and got a room. Before calling it a night, Bardulf thought he would seek information about this attacker. He began with the town’s apothecary. Unfortunately, it seemed that the apothecary, as well as others, are employed by this person. Bardulf was captured for questioning.

It would not last, though. Bardulf’s training as a Ranger kicked in, and he was able to escape. He found himself in the basement of the inn. While searching for an exit, he discovered a group of slaves. Due to past experiences, Bardulf could not leave them be. He decided to free them. But, will these slaves help, or hinder his mission?

Return of the VYA

Yup, the title is right. The story is returning.

Now, there are a few caveats to this. My plan is to release the next part every Monday in October, starting on the 1st. The one posted on October 29 will be the last one until December, then. November is NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. I will be writing all of November, and I’ll try to get the next part done then as well. But, it won’t get posted until Dec.

Sorry about the long hiatus. This summer has been really odd for my family, and it’s been hard to find any time for writing. Other than November, I’m not planning any long breaks. Thanks for being patient!