Site Changes

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Life got busy, and when writing is slow, or on a back-burner, doing blog updates is really pointless. But, I’m still around and writing.

So, there are 2 pieces of news. Well, maybe 3? First 2 are similar. I’m moving and to a new platform. I’m going to be keeping the majority of the posts, but there will be some that get removed. That’s something I’m still working out though, so it will be a little time yet. will get merged into as well. I’ll still have the Vote Your Adventure there, although in a bit of a different format, probably. Not a new one, though. At least not yet. I’m not ruling that out.

Second, and the bigger news. I have a short story being published. But, I can’t say what or where, yet. That will come in time when I’m allowed. It’s exciting, though.

So, for now, the blog will remain as is. When I’m closer, I’ll put up something ahead to make sure everyone is aware.