Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Chapters 6-11

I was hoping to have this done a lot sooner. I guess real life does that.

Chapter 6

Say goodbye to the normal world. We won’t be seeing it till the end of the book. And even then, only a brief glimpse.

The most important things in this chapter are the descriptions of those who become friends and enemies of Harry Potter. The biggest of these being Ron, with hints of him being the youngest brother and having a lot to live up to. Also, I love how his ears turn pink when he is embarrassed.

Next would be Hermionie. We immediately see that she is a smart cookie, and bossy. Neville Longbottom, the clumsy and clutzy friend and ally. He is not as major of a character at first, which is fine. I like how his character grows throughout the series.

The last major character is the same that we met in Diagon Alley: Drako Malfoy. We didn’t see it much earlier, but we do now. He is a jerk, arrogant, and one that Harry sees isn’t worth being a friend with.

Chapter 7

I love the Sorting Hat. That is one of the neatest things in the world of Harry Potter.

The other thing here is the beginning of the red herring of this book. SPOILERS, BEWARE!! As Harry looks past Professor Quirrell, he sees Professor Snape, and the scar throbs with pain. This leads Harry to believe that Snape hates him (which he does) and there is something up with Snape. This continues to the end.

Chapter 8

This chapter is neat because it is full of little things. Some are descriptive things that enrich the world. Others, like the beazor stone, come into play later in the series, seemingly unimportant now. The Chocolate Frog cards from Chapter 6 are like this as well.

Other than seeing a hint of how much Snape really hates Harry, there is one other thing. Harry thinks that Hagrid knows something. Mainly because Hagrid does not meet his eyes when he comments that Snape hates him. Hagrid does the same thing when Harry asks about the item that was stolen. I wonder, though. Is it really logical for Harry to think that the package is what the thief was looking for at this point?

Chapter 9

This chapter is all about the dynamic between Harry and Drako. And we see their rivalry really begin.

I like how it starts, with Harry showing Drako up with how good he is on a broom. Although I don’t know how Harry would be so good like that off the bat. I also don’t get why Harry was made Seeker. How were they able to bend the rules? Why make an exception for Harry? It shouldn’t matter how good he is, he shouldn’t have been allowed. Oh well, makes for a good story.

Towards the middle, Harry is challenged to a duel by Drako. They should have known it was a trick. I understand why Hermionie was there. I don’t understand why Neville needed to be included, though. And when it comes down to it, they are almost caught by the teachers. And in the process, meet “Fluffy.” What a name for a 3-headed dog.

Hermionie is the only one to notice the trap door. I wasn’t sure about Harry knowing that the package was under the trap door at first. But as I’ve thought about it, it does make sense. He knows that Hagrid took a package for safe keeping. Why else would a 3-headed dog be guarding a door like that.

Chapter 10

I’m not sure how to classify this one. Ron makes Hermionie sad because she has no friends because she is too bossy. Because of that, she locks herself in the girls bathroom.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, except somehow a troll gets let loose in the dungeon, and Harry and Ron realize that she doesn’t know. So, they go to find her, and run into the troll. Lucky for them, it’s going into a room, and they lock it in. Of course, it’s the girls bathroom. Now how didn’t they know that? Isn’t there a sign?

I’m glad that Hermionie becomes one of their good friends after this. What I don’t like is the obvious Narrator at the end of the chapter. It’s a bit annoying when, other than maybe one or two places, the Narrator is not visible.

Chapter 11

I think this chapter is one of the most exciting. It’s the first time we see a game of Quidditch. A combination of soccer and basketball, but flying through the air on brooms. And we are told that Snape was trying to kill Harry. I’m really going to need to do a review with all these thoughts. That herring is really annoying, in my opinion.

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