Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 21

Another short entry this time. Sorry for the delay, we had sickness run through the family. I will be closing voting on Sunday, February 16, 2014. If you need to catch up, all previous entries are linked above for perusal. Now, onto the adventure.

Bardulf stayed, watching with fear and curiosity as the stone shell broke away. Its eyes swiveled while it opened and closed its gaping maw, knocking debris away. Deep green scales with gold and blue highlights glittered in the torchlight under the stone. Its golden eyes turned to Bardulf, and focused. The gaze was intense, and Bardulf felt as though the whole of his being was open to those eyes. Then it opened its mouth and hissed.

A shiver ran down Bardulf’s spine. He understood it. My child, why have you awoken me? He stared at the serpent in surprise. Intelligence was not something he had expected. But now that he had heard the language, he knew he could speak it as well. “I…sss..” Bardulf closed his eyes and focused. The language felt foreign, but it came to him. There are men who wanted to wake you for an unknown purpose. I woke you before them to try and prevent whatever it is they wanted.

They seek my heart. Bardulf could feel the anger in the air. They seek power.

Bardulf pondered the words, then asked, Why do you call me your child? Who are you?

You have been bestowed with a part of my power, thus you are my child. The creature paused. As for who? I am called Calel’sinfas by my children who guard me. I am known by other names in other places.

Bardulf suddenly remembered something that he had been taught by the elves, and shivered. You are called Elgrath by the Fae. You are one of the Elder Dragons. He whispered the last.

Amusement shown in the serpent’s eyes. I thought I sensed Fae magic on you. You are correct, I am. That is why I need to return to my slumber. It is not time for the Awakening. The eyes shifted to look somewhere else. But this incursion on my realm and children needs dealt with first. Her eyes fell back on Bardulf. You will help. It was not a question.

How can I help? Bardulf hesitated, and bowed his head. Mother.

Calel’sinfas took in Bardulf before replying. It requires your blood.

Bardulf opened his mouth to speak, but a scent wafted in from the tunnels behind him. He spun to see Calyn approaching in his quetzal form.

“It’s true!” Leonard stepped out from behind Calyn. He dropped Thom to the ground, whom he had been carrying. The young lord was bleeding from wounds. “Calyn, kill our substitute while I complete the ritual.” Leonard took the staff he carried in both hands. Bright ruby runes began to glow on the shaft.

The staff! Get it away from him!

Calyn’s eyes widened in surprise, clearly understanding what Calel’sinfas said. Bardulf took the moment of hesitation to decide his next move.

Inventory: (all on floor) fang dagger, flint & steel, heart necklace
Health: healthy (in quetzal form)

Who should Bardulf attack first?
A) Leonard
B) Calyn