Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow review

Cover for Destiny Quest #1 - The Legion of Shadow

I talked about gamebooks a few months back here, and mentioned the title Destiny Quest by Michael J. Ward. I’ve been slowly making my way through the adventure, and I’m finally ready for a verdict on this book’s Plot & Gameplay. So, what is it? Read on!

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Gamebook resurgence

Cover for Choose Your Own Adventure #1 - The Abominable Snowman

Choose Your Own Adventure. Just that name brings fond memories to many of my generation. You would read through the story, making decisions as you went. I read some of them, and enjoyed them. But, not as much as I might have. Most of them were more real world, and I enjoy fantasy a lot more. It’s a pity I didn’t find any of the RPG style gamebooks. I hadn’t heard much of this style of story in years, and thought they were pretty much dead. It turns out I was wrong.

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