Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 18 Results

So Bardulf is going to refuse to help, as any adventurer would when faced with people who are surely on the side of evil. Right? What’s interesting is that you all said, in one form or another, that these people are not trustworthy. Time to find out if you are right.

Part 19 is in the works. I may just make is a Christmas present for everyone. In the meantime, thanks for the votes!

VYA Part 18 voting reminder

I neglected my duties through November and didn’t promote anything about voting. So, as a result of my failure, I have no votes.

What I’m going to do is leave it up for another week. If I have no votes at that point, I’m going to pick my least favorite option, or the one I wouldn’t pick if I were voting.

So, go read Part 18, and leave your thoughts. I will be locking comments on December, Friday 13, 2013.