About Hero’s Tale

Hero’s Tale is my attempt at publishing a novel online for everyone to see. I will be updating things more as the time draws closer. For now, the story is set in a fantasy world about a young man who has big dreams.

While the site is intended to be dedicated to the stories, the blog entries will not be tied to them. There will probably be personal things that pop up, ramblings, and neat stuff that I find.

About the Author

My name is Brian Ronk. I am a 30-something who is attempting to get into writing. As a System Administrator at a book printer, I have an interesting perspective of the industry as a writer.

I grew up with a healthy love of reading, which was encouraged by my librarian mother. It was not uncommon to find me with my nose buried in a book when I was younger.

I am supported at home by a wonderful wife. She tackles the harder job of raising our three children, and teaching them their 3 R’s: Reading, ‘Riting, and Running around the house like crazy!