ROW80 3/18 Check-in

Is anyone else enjoying the weather? Where I live, it’s great! I got my bike out yesterday and went for a nice long ride.

As for writing, I finished the next part of my VYA and have done one revision. I’m seeing in my email that I have a lot of comments, so tonight I’m will be doing a lot of work on that again.

I don’t think the fog has lifted quite yet. I struggled to write what I have. But I made it though, and that’s the important part. That fog will lift sometime. It just takes perseverance.


ROW80 3/11 Check-in

Blah to the time change for daylight savings. Anyone else with me?

As for writing, it’s been non-existent. Well, not entirely true. I did write the minutes for my church on Friday. Otherwise, I’ve been stuck in the story. I think it’s finally unstuck, though.

My wife has also been out-of-town since Friday, so I’ve been with our kids. Wow, I wish I could bottle their energy! I’ve been worn out from doing everything around the house, and not writing from that, either. People who say stay at home moms don’t have a job need to spend time with 3 energetic kids for a long weekend. (And no, I’m not one of those. I only respect my wife even more from this!)

I’m afraid I’m not getting anything else written tonight, but I’m satisfied that my block is broken. Maybe my kids will give me a chance to write tomorrow? I really want to finish this and get it to some beta readers. Two weeks for not posting on a VYA is too long (for me as the author).

VYA & ROW80 3/4 Updates

Killing two birds with one stone here. I think I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner, and I’ve had trouble getting Part 6 started. I know what I’m doing at least, it’s just getting the works flowing in the time I have.

This really wasn’t the way I was hoping to run my VYA, with so many breaks. So, apologies to my readers. It will be late again.


ROW80 2/26 Check-in

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, I hope. I posted Part 5 on Friday, and was able to get a little plotting in.

I will confess that I’m running a lot slower than I would like. I’ve read a lot of Japanese Manga recently, catching up on them. I am a sucker for a well told story, and there are a number of well written series.

I’ve said it before. Even small steps are better than none. I think I’m just in a time of life at the moment where I can’t get as much done as I’d like, but that’s ok with me. I’m taking it one step at a time.