Well, not the post I was thinking about when I mentioned another one the other day. I just got into Google Plus tonight. I haven’t had a chance to do too much yet, other than follow a few people. I wanted to share some initial thoughts, though.

If you’re having trouble understanding what it is, the best way I can describe it is as a cross of Facebook and Twitter. There are similarities to both. The thing I like the most, is the Circle concept. You can put people in multiple Circles, following them that way. So, for people from the #MyWANA Twitter tag, I stick them in there, and anything that they post that is for anyone to see, will show up in that Circle. I also have a Minecraft Circle to follow the developers of the game. It makes it easy to see what they are talking about. Or, if I want to send a message to my Family, I can do that by posting to only that Circle, or an individual even.

That’s where some problems come up. With Twitter, it’s easy to follow a hash tag to talk with people, even those that you don’t know. Take #MyWANA. When I started following the tag, I didn’t follow many (if any) of the people. There are still those that I don’t follow that I can talk to through the tag. As of right now, there is no way to do that in Google+, that I have seen.

Or, in the case of the Minecraft Developers. It would be nice if people could follow a specific Circle, and when they want to talk about something game related, they could post to that, and anyone following would see it.

There are things to be worked out, for sure. But I think that there is a good base here. Time will tell if Google will succeed with this new project, or if this will be another flop, like Wave.

And, if you want to add me, here’s my profile. Yes, I know I need to get a picture up there (at the time of writing).


*someone comes by and pats me on the shoulder*

Yes, I know everything will be fine. I’m not crying though, I promise!

#MyWANA is a Twitter hashtag that I saw flutter by on the Twitter-sphere today. It was started the other day by @KristenLambTX with this post on her blog. Go take some time to read it, as she explains it much better than I will.

So MyWANA is a place for writers to gather and encourage each other on, with the idea that through the hashtag, a community for discussion is formed. My is the possessive my. That is MY book, not yours. The rest stands for: We Are Not Alone,

The process of writing is a very lonely process. Ideally, there is no distraction, which means there aren’t others around that you are talking with. So, most writers aren’t around other people. So if we want to communicate with others, and there is no-one around, that makes it hard. That is why the internet is so useful, specifically Twitter. You can go on, search for the hash tag, and now you can communicate with others in (semi) real time.

Now, I know there are other hash tags for writers: #amwriting are #writing are two that I know and use sometimes. So, I don’t know what the difference is with these and #MyWANA, other than the name. In any case, there is a community forming there. Hopefully you’ll find me there sometimes.

And if you want a quick link, here you go!