*someone comes by and pats me on the shoulder*

Yes, I know everything will be fine. I’m not crying though, I promise!

#MyWANA is a Twitter hashtag that I saw flutter by on the Twitter-sphere today. It was started the other day by @KristenLambTX with this post on her blog. Go take some time to read it, as she explains it much better than I will.

So MyWANA is a place for writers to gather and encourage each other on, with the idea that through the hashtag, a community for discussion is formed. My is the possessive my. That is MY book, not yours. The rest stands for: We Are Not Alone,

The process of writing is a very lonely process. Ideally, there is no distraction, which means there aren’t others around that you are talking with. So, most writers aren’t around other people. So if we want to communicate with others, and there is no-one around, that makes it hard. That is why the internet is so useful, specifically Twitter. You can go on, search for the hash tag, and now you can communicate with others in (semi) real time.

Now, I know there are other hash tags for writers: #amwriting are #writing are two that I know and use sometimes. So, I don’t know what the difference is with these and #MyWANA, other than the name. In any case, there is a community forming there. Hopefully you’ll find me there sometimes.

And if you want a quick link, here you go!

4 thoughts on “#MyWANA

  1. In the short time that #MyWANA has been up and running, it feels much more like a community to me than #writing or #amwriting (Though I know the history of #amwriting, it once was the sort of tight knit group #MyWANA is turning into).

    I don’t know, I like the #MyWANA and the fact that part of it is the focus on social media that isn’t present in other writing hashtags. We want to be a community of people putting ourselves out there, and important difference from the writers who only ever post in #writegoal, for example.

    Just some thoughts!

    • That’s true. I do like the community that I have seen so far. And (unfortunately) tweets in #amwriting and such just seem to get lost. But I may not be following the way I should, either.

  2. Writers historically have only had control over half their careers. There are only 2 ways to sell books. 1) Write a great book and 2) word of mouth. We could write great books but had little control over word of mouth…until social media. The problem is that social media can be a HUGE time-suck and if we try to build a platform aloine, can take so much time that it hurts the quality of the writing. #MyWANA isn’t just to give resources to become better writers or a place for accountability. It’s more. We are also dedicated to serving each other and help build platforms…together. Because we are working as a team, taht frees up time to write great books.

    The best of all worlds.

    I am so happy you’ve joined us at #MyWANA, and look forward to helping your future success.

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