Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 18 Results

So Bardulf is going to refuse to help, as any adventurer would when faced with people who are surely on the side of evil. Right? What’s interesting is that you all said, in one form or another, that these people are not trustworthy. Time to find out if you are right.

Part 19 is in the works. I may just make is a Christmas present for everyone. In the meantime, thanks for the votes!

Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 16 Results

So, we have another tie. That was unexpected. I left the vote open extra long in the hopes that someone would break the tie. But, that isn’t the way my luck runs. So, now I need to account for both possibilities.

I am going on vacation next weekend, so the next part will have to wait till after I get back. I think I’m going to need the time to make sure I satisfy both conditions, anyway.

Thanks for the votes, and I’ll see you soon!

Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 14 Results

Whoops, forgot to close the votes late last night.

I’ll take the blame for so few votes. I was lax about getting it out there. So, now Bardulf gets to visit the village first hand. With the Super Bowl tomorrow night, I don’t think I’ll be able to get it ready for Monday. As well as my track record is for keeping a deadline right now, I won’t promise anything. Just watch the blog, or my Twitter feed, or Facebook if you follow me.

Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 13 Results

Thanks again everyone! Again, sorry about it being so late. So, how did the voting turn out?

A) Yes. Go back to the cave and start planning. – 3 Votes
B) No. It is a good time to go scout the enemy in the darkness. – 0 Votes

I won’t say I’m surprised. I suspected that was the direction it would go. Although, as the writer, I won’t say I don’t usually have a direction I’d like to go, which happened to be B this time. Oh well.

I’m going to give myself an extra week this time. For two reasons, actually. The first is that I’m writing a short story now. It’s for something called TaleJam. The idea being that we take an idea, and write 2,000 to 8,000 words. This first inaugural one is Civil War Werewolf.

The other reason is that I have a project for work that I want to be able to work on a few nights as well.

So, on to war planning. After all, like Matt mentioned, there are only a few days before the full moon.