Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 16 Results

So, we have another tie. That was unexpected. I left the vote open extra long in the hopes that someone would break the tie. But, that isn’t the way my luck runs. So, now I need to account for both possibilities.

I am going on vacation next weekend, so the next part will have to wait till after I get back. I think I’m going to need the time to make sure I satisfy both conditions, anyway.

Thanks for the votes, and I’ll see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 16 Results

  1. Yeah, that’s a rough one to try to resolve as both/neither/tie. Clearly, you need to recruit a roommate/SO/coworker for tie-breaking!

    • That was one reason I left it up. My wife just wasn’t able to this time. Oh well, it happens.

      I believe the direction I’m going with it will work, though.

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