Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 4 ROWing along

I’m combining 2 posts into 1 today. Let’s go through the votes for Part 4 first:

A) No, he needs to hurry on his journey. – 0 Votes
B) Yes, he can take a little time to assist. – 5 Votes

Another overwhelming vote. Hmm… I don’t think the result will be pretty.

As for my ROW80 update… Writing wise, the last two days were non-existent, other than a small amount of plotting for the next steps of my VYA here, and the serial I am planning. I expected that, so not a big deal to me. Otherwise, as you see, I have some writing to get to in the next couple days. I think it will be exciting.

Sorry I don’t have more. It’s a quiet day, and I want to see how much writing I can get in.

I added a late email vote.

2 thoughts on “Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 4 ROWing along

  1. I think both options of helping out or the hurrying along can be good. Just make certain they both have conflict. And consequences for the actions. Although by your comments and the attitude of the elf he seems to be helping I’m not sure it is a wise course the readers have chosen. We’ll just have to see what happens though. Happy writing!

    • Yes, both would be viable options. And I fear there is a chance you are reading into my comments correctly. Of course, the rest of you won’t know till later.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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