Row80 2/12 Check-in

I would say that I’m doing a lot better compared to my last check-in on Wednesday. Part 4 finally got posted. I wanted to get it up Fri, but that was my fault for not getting it edited fast enough. I might try and write both possibilities, but that will take time from other writing.

I haven’t done a ton of other writing. I’m finding that doing the VYA is somewhat draining. You have 2-3 days to write and edit a 1,000 word piece. I’m not quite used to that yet. Thus, I haven’t done anything on my main work yet. A bit annoying, but I know it’s my own fault for not working on it. I will get to it soon.

I did get to a few other ROW80 blogs last week, and I’m going to attempt to get to more this week as well. I’m one of the quiet children in the group, but I know that already.

Tonight though, I’m relaxing a bit. After all, I need to do research for my blog post about the game I’m currently playing.

One thought on “Row80 2/12 Check-in

  1. I’m glad that you are feeling good about your momentum now, as compared with earlier, but I feel like you are being a touch too hard on yourself. Energies wax and wane, and figuring out how to harness that energy–and let it go when there’s nothing to harness–can keep us on point through the highs and lows. 🙂

    I’m so glad you took time to relax!

    Good luck writing forward!

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