Row80 1/15 Check-in

I’d say it’s been a productive week for me. The first part of my VYA is posted here (go vote!). That’s mainly all I’ve been working on.

I did get to comment on a few other blogs, so I’m happy about that. Otherwise, I did a bit of working with the history of my world (fitting the VYA in) and at least pulled up the document for my serial. I may start working on VYA part 2 tomorrow. As of now, I think I know where the voting is heading. I fear I made one choice too easy. I felt that I had to emphasize it, and went too far. Whoops. When the voting is closed, I’m going to do a follow-up post and get the next one ready.

I’ve included the other ROW80 blogs after the jump. Enjoy!

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