Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 1 Aftermath

First, to all of you: Thank you! When I posted this on Friday, I was nervous. Will people like it? Will they vote? You have all exceeded my expectations. So again, thank you. Unfortunately for me, I’ve set a bar that I have to uphold. Time to start lifting!

So what were the results for Part 1?
A) I will go tonight. – 11 Votes – 100%
B) I will go in the morning. – 0 Votes – 0%

It seems I made the case for A too compelling. Sorry about that. I will make sure future choices aren’t that easy. I will include some of the ideas that you made in comments. You’ll see which later this week. And as a tidbit, a couple of you hit upon something that will be happening.

Lots of great comments, and I wanted to comment on two of them:

Loree – I would rather see this character sober up, but taking a risk is a lot more interesting than sleeping off an evening’s over-indulgence.

This is as close as we get to someone choosing B. And as one of my early readers, I know she was leaning that direction before I made some changes.

Mike – If he was *that* drunk he’d be slurring his words and/or joining in some bawdy sing-a-long. I reckon he’s good to go and can handle his drink – never keep a lord waiting!

That would have been quite funny, actually. Too bad I needed him functional and not passed out on the streets.

Come back on Friday for Part 2!

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