Why I Write?

It’s a question (or statement) I’ve seen going around recently: Why I write? It’s a great question, and made me wonder myself, so I thought I’d try and give an answer.

I have a few reasons that come to mind. The first two are kind-of default answers for me, and I don’t want to cheapen them. Unfortunately, I think they will come across that way. But, they are part of my answer so, here we go, anyway!

Answer #1: The “Good Christian” answer is to glorify God. I put that in quotes, because this answer is what people expect from a Christian, so it’s become cliche. Which is sad, because that is what I want. Unfortunately, when I say that phrase, it will be overlooked because of the cliche.

Answer #2: To make money! I should clarify this by saying I would like to make money writing. After all, who doesn’t want to do something they enjoy and get paid for it? ‘Nuf said.

Answer #3: I read books for the stories, play games for the stories, watch movies for the stories. In other words, I love stories. I am, by nature, a bookworm. Growing up, you’d find me with my nose buried in a book, more often than not. Just ask any of my relatives. Family gatherings and vacations? I would always have a book with me. I still do a lot of the time.

Somewhere in there, I began to get ideas for my own stories. I did little bits here and there, but when I really started was in high school, with an epic fantasy style story (which was actually terrible, and a Mary Sue). Then there was adding on new stories to something a friend of mine created (another Mary Sue, but the whole world was a parody of the real world). I write to get all those ideas out and tell the stories that are floating around.

Answer #4: Lastly, it’s fun. I don’t say easy, because that it is not. But it is fun to see where the story will take you. I am more of a discovery writer, so I might have a general idea where the story is going. But even I am surprised at where the story takes me sometimes.

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