Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 9 Results

So, the results that you’ve all been waiting for! All 3 of you! (2 comments, and one that I was told in person)

Yeah, not many comments this week. But, that’s my fault. Since I took a hiatus, I’m not surprised. I dropped off the radar, so to speak. Such is life. You all are here for the results though. Here we go:

A) Cross the river – 1/3 Votes
B) Brave the rapids and go downriver – 2 1/3 Votes
C) Walk downstream (added in comments) – 1/3 Votes

Matt, sorry to split your vote like this. You hadn’t gotten back for a final vote before I closed it. At least A and C don’t have to feel so lonely now.

Next week, we’re going downriver. Sailing, sailing…

Edited to correct the votes. Thanks for catching that Matt!

3 thoughts on “Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 9 Results

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  2. Okay, I wasn’t expecting the vote to be closed quite yet, I went to post my vote (which was ‘aim for this (C) walk downstream idea, but if that doesn’t exist, go with (A) cross the river).

    But I am a little confused at the tally. Debbie’s vote appeared to be for (B) brave the rapids, but (B) didn’t get any votes besides my split one?

    Maybe you can clarify what the deal is with that. In any case, it’s totally cool if you post my vote as undecided (original), or C, or conditional C->A, or split C+A, whatever works.

    • Whagh!

      Sure I can clarify. It’s called I mixed up on what the votes were. Whoops! I’ve edited the post with the correct info. Thanks for catching that.

      And I realized I didn’t give a time frame on when I was closing it originally. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure I post that on the next one.

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