ROW80 1/4 Check-in

For my ROW80 Check-ins, I’m just updating ROW80 stuff, not my personal goals, FYI. I’m also going to try to keep it in a simple format.

VYOA – Two days of work since ROW80 started, and I’ve gotten some work done. I got my first draft out to a few people to look at, and I’m hoping to send it out to others after some edits later in the week.

Blogging – Right now, just keeping up with ROW80 stuff. I want to have one other blog post done before my VYOA is up and running.

Web serial – No work done yet.

Socializing – I’ve been somewhat active on Twitter mainly. I’ve posted on the #ROW80 hashtag. I have replied to every comment so far, and have commented on a few other ROW80 blogs. Not doing to bad, and it’s fun to see how others are doing as well. I attempting to comment on more as things go along.

I’ve also gotten in some reading of a draft for someone else, and did some thoughts on that for them. Although, that wasn’t one of my goals, I’ll include it anyway.

Here are the other blogs checking in:

4 thoughts on “ROW80 1/4 Check-in

    • Twitter is a lot of fun, but can be overwhelming. Make sure you get some lists setup. Also, Tweetdeck is a handy Twitter program. It makes it a lot more manageable. Patrick Thunstrom has a great tutorial on it at his site: Good luck with your goals!

  1. Glad you’re doing ROW80! I found Twitter overwhelming until I downloaded a management program too. I use HootSuite, though. It’s been great to connect with other writers there. Best wishes with your goals!

    • Thanks!

      I can’t imagine using Twitter without a program to help sort things. Even with TweetDeck, it’s just short of organized chaos sometimes.

      Are you doing ROW80 this round? In any case, keep up on your writing!

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