NaNoWriMo 2011: Days 10 – 30

This post is just going to be a quick summary of what happened writing wise for me. I’m going to do a proper summary later of how I thought NaNo went in general, and the things that I’ve learned.

As I said the last time, I ended up a bit behind. I had done pretty good, and got close to catching up. Things don’t always work that well, though. The next Write-in helped me get over 4,000 words. The next few days after that, I had a few bad days. And then the next weekend we visited some friends, and I forgot my laptop. I did manage to get some writing done on Sunday after we got back, though.

Up until the last Saturday, I was consistently around 2,000 words behind. But, I was able to keep writing and not get too much further behind. I even got to write on Thanksgiving. I just holed myself up for a bit of writing, and reemerged for a bit to hang out with family. Not the most idea, but it’s easier to do than to write near where everyone is. I’ve tried that. Too many distractions.

The Write-in on the last Saturday is what really helped me. I was able to get just over 4,900 words, which is a best for me. That caught me up with where I needed to be to finish on time. But I didn’t finish on time, I finished early!

The last Sunday and Monday were good, and I stayed on target, and got a bit further ahead. At our last Write-in on Tues, Nov 29, I manged to get a lot done, mainly fueled by two word-wars that we did. After I got home, I did some more writing, and suddenly I was finished.

I did some more writing on Wed, just to finish a chapter and get something in. I fear this story isn’t half way done, so I wanted to get something in. And leaving it in the middle of a chapter is just annoying.

That’s my rough end of NaNo post. I finished with a total of 51,339 words. I do have more with some things that I’ve learned, but I’ll leave more for my final NaNo post.

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