Mountains by a lake.I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains! – Bilbo Baggins, The Fellowship of the Ring

Do you ever have that feeling that something needs to change? That itch for adventure and the unknown?

I have that itch now, and I don’t know what to do with it. It tugs and pulls, telling me that there is somewhere to go and something to do.

Mountains represent a time when things were clear to me. And right now, things seem foggy.

As for things I’m working on. NaNoWriMo 2011 is starting on November 1! I’m going to be doing that, so I’ll be MIA for Nov, most likely. If you want to follow or friend me on the NaNo site, here is my profile.

After NaNo, I’m going to get a VYOA going. If I can get it going quick enough, it could be in Dec, but I’m betting Jan 2012.

In the near future, I’ll have a review for DestinyQuest: The Legion of Shadow, and also the Gamebook Adventures iOS apps.

So, lots on the table, and not enough time. Such is life though.

Oh, I’ve also updated my Contact Me page to list my Google+ profile, as well as my NaNoWriMo profile.

Update: The site for NaNoWriMo has updated, so the old link is no longer valid. I have updated it, though.

Original mountain picture located: here.

2 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. I know the feeling of wanting to be on a mountain. It is usually peaceful, and often you can see forever. Which of the kidlets do you think will be game for backpacking?

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