Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 14

This week’s entry is a bit shorter. Everyone thought Bardulf was being a bit silly trying to go off on his own, so what happens next? Time to find out. As usual, if you want to catch up with the rest of the series, go click on Vote Your Adventure up top. Voting will be open until Friday, February 1, 2012.

“Bardulf laughed to himself. ”You’re right, Burnum. I have worked alone far too long, and fall into bad habits easily. We have six days until the other warriors arrive. We need to start planning." He looked up and found that Burnum offered a hand to help him up. Bardulf took it.

“Come, friend. We have battle to plan.”

They returned to the cave and found that two of the men were gone. They had gone into the village. Burnum was visibly alarmed, and Bardulf felt his stomach sink. That was the dumbest thing those two could have done.

Bardulf held his frustration, and placed his hand on Burnum’s shoulder. “Don’t worry right now. You all have been gone long. It isn’t surprising a few left. We will talk to the two when they return. Right now, we need to determine how strong the enemy is. How many men are we looking to fight against?”

Burnum thought for a moment. “We have talked of freedom long. Someone in village will have idea of number.”

“Which is exactly where we shouldn’t go,” Bardulf sighed. “Those two fools are already risking a lot,” he mumbled.

As if that thought was a summons, the two missing men ran into the cave. They looked spooked, and both of them glanced at Bardulf before speaking.

Bardulf watched Burnum’s face range from anger to worry as the two spoke. Finally Burnum translated what they said.

“We went to village to see families quickly. We want be back before you. Never made it. Shaman caught us. She yelled for leaving you. She asked us to relay a message to Bardulf. You need to visit her tonight in her hut.”

Bardulf frowned. “Did she say why?”

Burnum relayed the question. The two men shook their heads.

“Should I go, Burnum?”

The man shrugged. “Choice yours. But not wise to anger shaman.”

Inventory: hatchet, flint & steel, traveling cloak, heart necklace, 80 coins in a pouch
Health: broken left arm

Should Bardulf go visit the shaman?:
A) Yes.
B) No.

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  1. I say (A) yes. Not wise to anger the shaman, the shaman could have a useful perspective, and it’s pretty unlikely that the shaman hates us and is seeking to lead us to a hideous fate. 😉

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