Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 6 Results

Thanks too all of you who voted! And to everyone else who read through this large entry. I want to have more bite sized (and regular) entries from now on. But first, where are we going?

A) Search for the blacksmith that Lord Belmont mentioned – 2 Votes
B) Ask about any recent visitors who were injured – 3 Votes

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you saw that I did a call for more votes early yesterday. I was close to closing the comments when the votes became tied. Thanks to Amber for breaking it. So, we are going to try to track down our mysterious attacker.

Now, while you wait, I have a request. Amber West (yes, the same one who broke the tie) is running a similar style story on her blog. It is a bit different from mine, in that she is taking the idea she likes the best. Not just the most requested. The series, called Tell Me A Story, is a great read. She’s doing some fun stuff with it, and I’m interested in where the story is going. Lots of mysteries to solve yet. Go check it out.

Now, I need to go figure out what trouble poor Bardulf will be getting into.

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