Wow, I really didn’t expect a small blogger and writer like me to be interviewed yet. But that’s exactly what has happened!

Stuart Lloyd, of Lloyd of Gamebooks, is undertaking the April A-Z Challenge and writing about gamebooks and the people who write them. So far, we have A for Amateurs and B for Blogs. But, Stuart isn’t satisfied with one entry a day. No, he has a huge amount of interviews lined up for April, more than one per letter. Aside from the Challenge, Stuart has a wealth of information about Choose Your Own Adventure style games, so go take a look for that reason alone!

As for my interview, I’m one of the B for Blogs* today. Go check it out, and all the other interviews. It’s neat to see all these different people in the gamebook arena and get to know who they are. Stuart’s series has started with a bang, and I have no doubt it will only get better!

* (secretly, I think mine should be titled B for Brian. Shhhh)

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