Hero’s Tale VYA – Part 3 Shopping list

Thanks for the votes everyone! I am disappointed that there aren’t so many votes this time. It could be the type of vote I did this time. Either that or over the weekend really does work better for readers. I might move it back to over the weekend again. If I have too much trouble writing Part 4, I’ll do that this week. But that is for later, on to the votes.

Take a gander at the results for Part 3:
A) Travel Rations – 5 days rations for 23c – 1 Vote
B) Medicinal Herbs – 5 packets for 10c – 4 Votes
C) Rope – 9c – 4 Votes
D) Grapple – 17c – 0 Votes
E) Compass – 22c – 3 Votes
F) Map of western Karathon and the Wilds – 50c – 1 Vote
G) Nothing – 0 Votes

I’m glad this one allowed for ties. Bardulf spent 41 coins for the Herbs, Rope, and a Compass. There are 47 coins left now.

As a small tidbit, it looks like we’re taking a small detour before we get to Ruelinthal’s Edge.

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  2. For my lack-of-vote, it was that the site fell off my currently-active tab set, so I didn’t notice until I mused randomly that I hadn’t checked on Hero’s Tale for a week. And people bought different stuff than I would have, curses! 😉 Ah well, that’s the wages of lazyness, I suppose. I will have to do better next time.

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